ChirpOMatic is the new
automatic birdsong identifier.

Find out what is singing in your backyard!

Easy to Use  |  Offline Access  |  Bird-safe Mode

When you hear a bird singing, quickly open the app and tap the record button. The app will record for 12 seconds, then will analyse the sound and show you the top matches, along with photos of the birds, and hints and tips about the sound. The app is self-contained and works without a network connection, so it can be used wherever you are.

And this is just the start - if you send us your recordings, the more accurate the app will become!

All your recordings are stored so you can listen again, and you can email them out of the app to listen on your computer.

ChirpOMatic is available for backyard birds of the USA, and for birds of parks, gardens, woodland and open country in the UK and north-west Europe.

Now includes support for the Apple Watch!

ChirpOMatic uses cutting edge advances in machine learning technology to automatically identify bird songs and calls. Like all our apps, it is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.